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Each year healthcare organisations face delivering on new challenges and pressures without compromising on quality in delivering services; and effective collaboration, through the use of better technology, is high on the Government's agenda.  Technology, deployed and properly used, will be a significant driver for Trusts and other healthcare organisations, to keep pace with and adapt to the ever-changing health landscape and improve efficiency.  


Organisations need to make the most of emerging opportunities and develop new specialist partnerships to improve how they work - Archus is the perfect strategic IT partner to help you achieve this.

If your organisation is facing challenges to modernise your IT or implement the Digitalisation agenda, we have teams to help you meet these transformation demands.

Our services can be provided individually or collectively and the Archus approach to multi-disciplinary work means that if you need infrastructure, estate advice or transformation support we can provide this too.


Information Technology Services

Our team brings together a vast array of experience in modern health and social care Information Technology (IT).  We can support you with programme and service change, from strategy development through to implementation of live system services.

The Archus team includes experienced and award-winning IT specialists who have worked in senior positions within the NHS at national, regional and local levels and years of hands-on implementation expertise. Our experienced consultants are able to work with you to identify solutions to your IT challenges and have the ability to develop strategic, integrated plans.

Our services include:

  • IT Strategy Development;
  • Business Case Development;
  • Information and Data Management;
  • IT system reviews and audits;
  • IT system and process recommendations;
  • Business analysis and process mapping;
  • Technical Architecture;
  • IT Programme and Project Management;
  • IT infrastructure design and implementation;
  • IT service and help desk reviews and recommendations (ITIL);
  • Testing;
  • IT system implementation;
  • Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement;
  • “Go Live” support;
  • Cyber Security;
  • Digitalisation (see below).


Digitalisation and Modernisation

To meet the challenging Digitalisation agenda in health and social care, Archus has brought together a team of experts with wide-ranging experience of Digitalisation at local, regional and national level.  They understand both the policy and practical implementation concerns of organisations and have a wealth of expertise in the field, to identify real, cost-effective solutions that are right for you.

Our experience spans primary, secondary, specialist care and social care and is founded on a strong understanding of the national Digitalisation agenda contained in the NHS Long Term Plan.  These Digitalisation services include:

  • Cyber Security;
  • Digitalisation Strategy development;
  • Business Case development;
  • Upgrading operating systems (Windows 10);
  • System integration;
  • Local Health Care Record design and delivery;
  • NHS App integration;
  • Telehealth;
  • Remote Consultation;
  • Modernisation of systems and processes (including workforce training);
  • Information Governance reviews and strategy development;
  • Information and Technology Services.

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